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Our cozy sauna on the shore of Wolf Lake is the best place to relax from the inventions of the Industrial revolution. No electricity, only lanterns and fire in the stove provide the light for your washing ritual. Do it the way the Finns have done for centuries.
While six people fit on the benches in the sauna, the rest can relax outside or in the front room, plunge in the lake or roll in the snow, sip their drinks or watch the Northern lights, elks, bears, swans or just listen to them. If you wish, you can also book our Lappish hut which is no more than 10 meters away to grill sausages or have a decent meal (see our menu).
We will heat the sauna and water for you and can enjoy it for 2-3 hours. Towels are included, Northern lights and wildlife only occasionally. In summer the road takes you all the way to the door, in winter, the closest road is 1.5 km away. You can walk, ski, snowshoe or take a skidoo ride to get there. Ask us more. The sauna rental costs 250 €/ group
AVAILABILITY: June - October

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