Sunset Levi

Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature

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Meals and Venue

We prepare and serve meals in our Lappish hut, kota, where up to 50 people can be seated. There is another fireplace outside on the lake shore where about 25 people can enjoy their coffee/ tea or grill a sausage on a nice day. It is possible to organize meetings in the hut, as there is a possibility to use a generator if electricity is needed. The "kota" is situated on the shore of Wolf Lake.
Here is a list of the meals that we know we can prepare. Instead of reindeer meat, elk is sometimes available too. Ask for more and the price list by email or phone.

Main meals

(include also buttered rye bread, non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks, sweet bun)
  • salmon soup 20 €
  • reindeer meat soup 23 €
  • smoked reindeer cheese soup 20 €
  • vegetable soup puree 20 €
  • mashed potatoes, fried salmon 25 €
  • reindeer sote, mashed potatoes, pickles, lingberry jam 25 €
  • elk, lasagne 25 €
  • elk stew with rice 25 €

Starters / Snacks and deserts

  • sausage 10 €
  • rye bread with salted salmon 10 €
  • griled reindeer rib 15 €
  • pancakes with jam or with cloudberries 5 € and 7 €
  • berry soup (as a desert) 3 €
  • berry pie 5 €
  • decorated ginger bread 5 €
AVAILABILITY: All year round

Grilled fish


Lappish hut near Levi


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