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Our company organizes various hunting programmes lasting from a couple of hours to several days. You can hunt geese and other water fowl or hares and fowl, such as capercaillie, black grouse etc. Hunting bean geese is what has been our specialization for the past 30 years utilizing our own land.
What we take care of is hunting permission from the landowner, food, accommodation in the wild, sauna on a lake side etc. What the customers need to take care of is the hunting card, firearms (shotgun or rifle) and the license to carry them.
An example of the hunting season for year 2012.
Water fowl with the exception of goose: 20th August until the lakes freeze (approximately in October)
Goose: 10th September until they migrate
Hare: 1st September - 28th February
Fowl: 10th September - 31st October
Elk: 29th September - December
Fox: all year round

The real hunter`s trip.

This is the most typical hunting trip here. It takes a full day. It normally focuses on hunting geese, but other water fowl or hare can be aimed at. You will be taken to your position by an experienced hunter who will later prepare a meal, e.g. reindeer ribs grilled over a fire, coffee on a campfire etc. Your trip will be concluded by a dinner, for example salmon soup, and a refreshing sauna with a possible swim in the lake and chilled drinks. You will be all the time admiring beautiful peaceful scenery of this area.
In case of geese hunting, you will be provided with camouflage nets, luring birds etc.
The whole package with hunting permissions costs 200 € per person in case of goose hunting. Shorter trips and other birds are possible too, morning or afternoon, or we can decrease the amount of services we provide, less meals, no sauna etc. Ask for an offer, we can make a deal.

Fox hunting with snare

Many hunters would love to know the secrets of catching a fox with a snare. You will experience checking the snare, perhaps a fox was caught overnight. Is it a red fox or a black one? Then you will be shown the principle of setting the snare and some tricks that have been passed on from previous generations. An experienced hunter is going to guide you and at the end you will enjoy a three-course meal in our Lappish hut on a lake shore.
DURATION: 3 hours
SIZE OF GROUP: 2-12 person
AVAILABILITY: 10th January - March
PRICE: 70 € adults, 35 € children (4-12 years of age)




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