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Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature

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Cultural hikes to Kumputunturi fell

TYPE OF PROGRAMME: We will spend the day getting to know the life of the reindeer. We will first visit an old round up corral with reindeer herders` hut. Then we will drive to the root of the fell and make a climb to the top or only to the hut just above the tree line. We can grill sausages or reindeer ribs while admiring the views. On the way we will see different types of forest, perhaps some birds and droppings of other animals too. On the way back we can stop at our reindeer farm to have dinner-e.g. reindeer soup or salmon soup. You can take part from June till September.
PRICE: 90€ adults, 45€ children (the hike is too demanding for children under 10)
Transportation from and to Levi (110km) is included in the price.
SIZE OF GROUP: 2-12 persons
NOTE: Dress according to the weather, do not underestimate the wind.




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