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Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature

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Fishing takes place on Wolf Lake (Hukkajärvi), which is private and has also rainbow trout. Other fish species appearing are whitefish, perch and pike. On a good day the fish do not know when to stop biting, therefore the limit is two pieces of rainbow trout per person. Theres is no limit on other fish. We will grill your catch on the fire. Another possibility to fish, especially in the iceless season, is at Wolverine Lake (Kätkäjärvi).


In summer and autumn you can get to Wolf Lake by car or by ATV. Another possibility is to fish on Wolverine Lake. In any case, we provide the rods with reels and lure. You can try your luck from the pier, the shore or the boat.

Autumn torch fishing on Wolverine Lake

In autumn, we organise torch fishing trips on Lake Kätkäjärvi. When the autumn evenings grow dim and darkness falls, it is time to begin our torch fishing trips. You can lurk at the bow of the boat, spear at the ready, to pierce fish attracted by the beam of light from the torch. After the fishing, 'kota' coffee and a Lappish supper of reindeer ribs, flame-grilled on an open fire, taste very good.
DURATION: about 6 hours. The trip begins after darkness has fallen and lasts until dawn.
SIZE OF GROUP: 2-8 persons; 2 persons can fish at one time, because there are two boats.
AVAILABILITY: 20th Aug - 30th Semptember. Requires a calm lake surface, impossible to organize in wind, fog or rain.
PRICE: 80 € adult/ 40 € child 4-12 years





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