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Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature

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Kicksled, Ice fishing, Salmon soup / grilled sausages

To get to Wolf Lake we need to follow a forest path for 1.5 km on our kicksled. Then we try our fishing luck on the lake. Typical catch is rainbow trout, however also white fish and perch are common. Your possible catch will be grilled over an open fire in our Lappish hut and for everyone hot salmon soup will be served with traditional rye bread. Before heading back on kicksled, we will enjoy a special coffee and a sweet bun. (The cheaper option includes grilling sausages instead of the soup lunch.)
DURATION: 3.5-4 hours
SIZE OF GROUP: 2-6 persons
AVAILABILITY: December - mid May (not btw. 24.12.-10.1.)
PRICE: 65 € with soup, 55 €with sausages; children (4-12 years of age) 50 % discount




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